Voice of The Foundation (Amped 11-2-16)

Hey there, shit birds. You know the deal. It’s me, the Voice of the Foundation, here to keep you in the know for all things Rockstar Pro. The November 2nd Amped was our first taping for Nu-TV, so you knew it was going to be huge! The Rockstar Nation really showed up, and their rowdy enthusiasm did not go unnoticed by our roster. Everyone was pumped for a great show.

We kicked things off with an American Luchacore rules match between “White Trash Muscle” Ron Mathis and “True Grit” Bruce Grey. Both competitors have big challenges facing them at November Coming Fire, so they requested this match. Things did not start off well for my family, as Grey hit a brutal Ungrittier on the entrance ramp that immediately bloodied up Mathis’ face. But Ron fought back, constructing a sinister stack of chairs and repeatedly driving Grey’s back into the ring apron. My family fights to the very end! Grey got lucky and won with a sneak attack DDT, but he won’t be so fortunate when the American Luchacore Championship is on the line.

Next, we saw Bad Dudes “Pompano” Joe and Kyle Kraven take on Sid Fabulous and “local hero” Ganger in a tag team contest. It was a heavy-hitting, vicious affair that the Nation simply ate up. They especially loved it when Ganger suplexed the 300+ pounder Kraven and secured a victory. I don’t get why the Nation dislikes Bad Dudes so much. Sure. The dudes are bad, but they’re cool by me.

“Lost Girl” Samantha Heights then faced newcomer “Super” Aja Perera in women’s action. This was a great fight! Heights has grown accustomed to squaring off against every female athlete who wants to make a name for herself at Rockstar Pro, but nothing could fully prepare her for what Perera brought to this match. This was one of the fastest, meanest contests I’ve ever seen Heights endure. She managed a win. Let’s just hope it doesn’t go to her head.

Anyone who has ever doubted “Juggernaut” Jeremiah’s legitimacy as American Luchacore Champion had their fat mouths shut by his title defense in one of Rockstar Pro’s signature matches: The Mosh Pit Scramble! Rockstar Pro regulars “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams, “Professional Athlete” Jon Murray, “Mr. All-Purpose” Remi Wilkins, and “Trigger” Trey Miguel were joined by “Beerzerker” Alex Rudolph, Dementia DeRosa, and Ashton Starr to challenge for Jeremiah’s gold. This on was, in a word, crazy. Bodies were thrown about. Faces were kicked. Thumbs were crammed into butts. Ultimately, the Baddest Dude of them all stood tall. Jeremiah goes into November Coming Fire as the American Luchacore Champion!

In six-man tag team action we saw Fight or Flight (Kyle Maverick and Nate Wings) versus Bro Warriors (Clayton “Pecs” Jackson and Darin “Sex” Dinero) versus the unlikeliest tag team ever, Mason Cutter of the Hooligans and Alex Colon of Night Ryderz. This one was a brawl. Plain and simple. Most of the match took place outside of the ring, with members of all teams flying around and colliding with one another like crazy. Cutter and Colon surprised everyone with double team attacks and impressive cohesion. Colon’s still a dick though. Fight or Flight managed to pull off a victory over their opponents. Hey, as long as Bro Warriors remain losers I’m happy.

Our penultimate match of the evening was scheduled to be “Unleashed” Dezmond Xavier versus “The Whole Foxin’ Show” AR Fox in Fox’s Rockstar Pro debut. Before the match could begin, my best friend in the whole wide world and brother-in-arms Zachary Wentz had a birthday surprise for Xavier. As a special gift to his former best friend, Wentz received permission to enter the match and make it a triple threat! What a guy! When you hear Mark and myself jabber on about matches that are too fast to call, this is exactly what we’re talking about. Fox eventually got the pinfall victory over Xavier, but Wentz looked sick as hell in that ring. This one was absolutely nuts. If you weren’t smart enough to be there, the only way you’re going to see it is on Nu-TV.

The main event of our first TV taping featured two legends in Dayton wrestling squaring off in a match for the Rockstar Pro World Championship. Tag Team Champion Jake Crist challenged World Champion “The Killer King” Dave Crist in a battle of brothers for Dave’s title. Anyone who knows anything about wrestling in Dayton knows that without the Crist family it simply wouldn’t exist. Dayton pro wrestling thrives because of the Crists. Jake looked so great out there. His hair was perfect. He moved with a grace and fluidity of a ballerina and boasted all the ferocity and aggression of a charging bull. Dave was okay too. Yeah, Dave won and kept his World Championship. But Jake is still the Prince. He’s the funkiest and always knows exactly what is best for Rockstar Pro.

Be sure to watch us soon on Nu-TV, subscribe to Rockstarpronetwork.com, and join us for November Coming Fire on November 4th! Until then, this is your Rockstar Pro color commentator and Voice of the Foundation signing off.

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