Voice of The Foundation (November Coming Fire 2016)

What’s up, ass rockets? November Coming Fire was fiery indeed, as Rockstar Pro brought you the intense action you’ve come to know and love. The night was supposed to begin with one half of the Rockstar Pro Tag Team Champions “White Trash Muscle” Ron Mathis facing off against one half of the Night Ryderz in Alex Colon. Alex didn’t show. I guess entertaining the Rockstar Nation isn’t that important to him. My brave and bold family member knew the show must go on, so he issued an open challenge to any member of the Rockstar Pro locker room who has yet to compete on iPPV. Mathis’ call was answered by the young Daniel Winchester. That kid has moxie. I’ll give him that. He gave Mathis a halfway decent challenge, but we all knew how this one would end. Once Mathis got Winchester in the Torture Rack that was all she wrote. Congrats to Mathis for yet another victory!

Our second contest pitted “Pompano” Joe against newcomer Shane Sabre. This one was definitely interesting, as if often the case when two pro wrestlers lock up inside the squared circle for the first time ever. Sabre brought some real fire and intensity to this match, but he’s no Bad Dude. “Pompano” (Who by the way is indeed one BAD DUDE!) hit the Homey Driver after a competitive match to secure the win.

During our next match, Mark Turner and I had the “pleasure” of being joined at the Commentation Station by “Lost Girl” Samantha Heights. No big surprise here as her best friend “Professional Athlete” Jon Murray stepped into the ring to face hardcore legend 2 Tuff Tony. In what turned out to be more of a drinking contest than a wrestling match, the Rockstar Nation enjoyed every minute of Jon Murray’s nonsense. It was neither very smart nor very funny! Ultimately, 2 Tuff Tony defeated Murray with his signature Meteorite punch, or as I call it the Flaming Booze Fist. The arena smelled like burnt hair for the next 15 minutes. Thanks a lot, Tony! At least Heights didn’t stab me. I consider that a small victory.

Next “All-Purpose” Remi Wilkins battled “Trigger” Trey Miguel in singles competition. These guys were fired up (Not in a literal sense, like Tony’s fist. You get the idea.) and fought as if a title were on the line. This one was athletic and hard-hitting, as neither man would give an inch. I’m not sure who lit a fire under these guys’ butts, but even if I don’t care for either man personally I enjoyed watching them punch the snot out of one another. Trey won with a surprise roll-up that neither Mark nor myself have ever seen him do before. Intriguing.

Now it’s time to address the title match that everyone was talking about. “True Grit” Bruce Grey challenged “Juggernaut” Jeremiah for his American Luchacore Championship. We knew this would be a violent match, and we were not disappointed. These two gave it everything they had inside the ring and beyond the rail, as the action almost immediately spilled out into the Rockstar Nation. From the cold, hard concrete floor to the rancid trashcans, Jeremiah and Grey made the entire arena their bloodied battleground. Jeremiah, having reigned for quite a while now as American Luchacore Champion knows Luchacore Rules better than anyone. He definitely used that to his advantage. The “Juggernaut” extended his title reign by wrapping a plastic bag around Grey’s head, nearly suffocating the man and retaining his championship. Once again, Bruce Grey failed to secure gold. Brutality, thy name is Jeremiah!

Bro Warriors Clayton “Pecs” Jackson and Darin “Sex” Dinero met Fight of Flight’s Kyle Maverick and Nate Wings in our sole tag team match of the evening. This one was bound to be fascinating, as these two teams fought to a time limit draw only nine days before November Coming Fire. They’re obviously evenly matched, and by that I mean they’re NO MATCH for the Rockstar Pro Tag Team Champions The Foundation! It was a back-and-forth affair with lots of high flying from Wings and power moves from everyone else. Eventually Bro Warriors hit the 3cc to win. They’re still a couple of muscle dummies.

In what was tied for my favorite match of the night, obviously with Ron Mathis’ open challenge, we witnessed the great and wonderful “Duke of Dayton” Zachary Wentz face off against another newcomer “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst. It’s rare that my fam Wentz is the elder competitor in a matchup, but Kobe Durst’s in-ring ability belies his youth. You want fast-paced wrestling? Check. You want blistering, hard-hitting action? Check. Zachary Wentz has you covered. You simply must subscribe to Rockstarpronetwork.com to see this one! After a dazzling display of both sick talent and shining personality, Wentz locked in Sleaze Biscuit to secure yet another victory for The Foundation! My family truly is the best.

Our main event featured a so-called dream match as “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams faced the returning “All Ego” Ethan Page in a singles contest. This would be their first one-on-one meeting, as the last time Page came to Rockstar Pro he was in a triple threat with Williams and then Rockstar Pro World Champion Sami Callihan. Page was very cordial with the Rockstar Nation, despite their unfathomable rudeness. He and Williams had a killer match. The momentum truly swung back and forth time after time. Even after Williams’ best effort, Page got the 1-2-3 pinfall victory over Williams after hitting a Spinning Dwayne. This is where things got truly interesting. We all know Williams has been losing it ever since Horror-Core. He just can’t win. Page showed sportsmanship by extending a hand, but Williams wouldn’t have it. He viciously attacked Page, and then he went for the flaming nunchucks. It was Trey Miguel, the only other member of OI4K in the building, who came out to beg Williams for some sort of sanity. Big mistake. Huge. Williams absolutely annihilated Miguel with flaming nunchaku, beating him without remorse. It took half of the locker room coming out to protect Trey from an enraged Aaron Williams. What does this mean for OI4K? Fingers crossed this is the beginning of the end for them!

Be sure to come to 1106 E. 3rd St. every Wednesday at 7:00 PM for Amped and the first Friday of every month for our iPPV offerings. Until next time, this is your Rockstar Pro color commentator and Voice of The Foundation signing off.

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