Voice of The Revolution (Amped 2-1-17)

On Friday, February 3rd 2017 Rockstar Pro Wrestling will celebrate our fifth anniversary at Rockstar Pro Arena. It’s a big deal for us, a big deal for independent wrestling, and a big deal for Dayton. Be there to celebrate with us. You slime lines.

Anyway, let’s get to this week’s Amped. Fans of young, athletic dudes flipping and flying all over the squared circle were happy with our opening contest featuring “The Ace of Spades” Ace Austin and The American Luchacore Champion “Trigger” Trey Miguel. It was a non-title match, of course, as Trey will defend his title against “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams at FIVE. This one was every bit the high energy, high intensity match anyone would expect. It came to an end when Miguel hit the Loaded Clip on Austin to continue his winning streak going into our biggest iPPV ever.

Next, we saw tag team action as The Foundation (“True Grit” Bruce Grey & “Unsettling” Sid Fabulous) faced Fight or Flight (Kyle Maverick & Nate Wings). These two teams matched up well with one another, thus providing intriguing tactical developments throughout. Was that too highbrow? Then, here’s how it ended. DDT. Hit the bricks, Maverick. Foundation win. Both teams* will join Night Ryderz and a mystery team to challenge The Hooligans for the Rockstar Pro Tag Team Championships at FIVE in Armageddon Games.

JP, dressed like a pistachio ice cream cone, invited “The Lost Girl” Samantha Heights to the ring to answer some questions about her hardcore match against “Juggernaut” Jeremiah at FIVE. Thankfully, Jeremiah joined them before JP could dumb up the night too much. It’s already been established that if Jeremiah loses he must wear a dress. The baddest of dudes challenged Heights to put her career on the line, and she proved just how lost she has become by accepting! Jeremiah thanked her by kicking her in the face and then blasting her with a Pop-up Powerbomb. He was merciless. Bad Dudes?

I was excited about the ten man Mosh Pit Scramble that would follow until I heard Jon Murray’s name announced. The “Professional Athlete” Jon Murray was joined by Pompano Joe, Marcus Everette, Daniel Winchester, Alex Colon, Jimmy Lloyd, Patrick Henderson, Ganger, James Baker, and Alex Rudolph. It was exactly the violently chaotic affair I had hoped for, with Kraven interfering to jump Ganger and Rudolph bashing people. Also, Jon Murray was there. He won with a Halbach Drop on Henderson. God dammit.

The Rockstar Pro Tag Team Champions The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) faced the pair of Myron Reed and Jonathan Wolf in a non-title contest. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. A lot of these young guys think that their athleticism alone will take them to the top of the wrestling world. Then they run into hillbullies like The Hoolgians. Don’t get me wrong. The kids put up a great fight. But a Brutalsville Device later and The Hooligans look strong going into Armageddon Games. No matter their strength, they have no champion’s advantage at FIVE as they face four other tag teams desperate for their gold!

My friend and brother Clayton “Gainz” Jackson faced one of the greatest challenges in his career going one-on-one against The wXw Shotgun Champion “I’m Not Listing All Of Your Nicknames Here” David Starr. Clay proved his value to Rockstar Pro by not only displaying incredible power but also showing he’s no dummy. He focused his offense on Starr’s back, while Starr targeted one of Jackson’s legs. After an epic battle, Starr locked in the “BDLM” submission to secure the victory. What a great match! Starr defends his title against my other friend and brother Dezmond Xavier at FIVE, but what do we have to do to get Clay on this card? He’s the Number One Contender for the American Luchachore Championship! Come on!

It’s been one helluva Best of Seven Series so far between “The Artist” Jake Crist and “White Trash Muscle” Ron Mathis, with Mathis leading the series 2-1. Mathis must’ve been watching Clay’s match because he learned from David Starr. He viciously targeted Jake’s left leg immediately and consistently throughout the match. Mathis tried adamantly to take away the base for Jake’s Superkick, but “The Artist” persevered. Were there some shenanigans? Yes. Low blows? Maybe. Did JT Davidson hit a Spinebuster on Mathis in an unprovoked attack? Absolutely. Jake took advantage of Davidson’s interference and hit a Backslide to tie the series at 2-2. It’ll be a battle of the lollipops when Jake Crist faces Joey Ryan in a monumental confrontation at FIVE!

Speaking of Joey Ryan, he joined forces with “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams to face the dynamic team of Dave Crist and Fenix in our main event of the night. It was an incredible tag team event. Ryan captivated everyone with his sleazy charms, while Fenix astonished all with feats of incredible agility and cunning. All the while two of the best that Rockstar Pro has to offer gave the stars of the Underground a fight they’ll never forget. Fenix nailed Williams with a Destroyer to bring an end to this scorcher of a match. In addition to the previously mentioned matches, Dave Crist faces Fenix at FIVE! You’re going to want to see that.

What a night! And it’s only going to get better at FIVE. You have no excuse. If you can get to Dayton by 7:30 PM on Friday, do it. If you can’t, see every Rockstar Pro iPPV and Amped by subscribing to Rockstarpronetwork.com. Words only go so far to describe the magic of great professional wrestling. You have to experience it to really know what it’s all about. See you at FIVE, rump lumps.

*The Foundation will be represented by Sid Fabulous and Ron Mathis, as Bruce Grey will face professional wrestling legend Tracy Smothers at FIVE.

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