Voice of Professional Wrestling (Amped 5-17-17)

Welcome, shit seeds and shit weeds! The Gem City Slam is in the rearview mirror, and we’re speeding toward June’s Tournament of Flight. Read on to discover what happened at the first Amped to follow the Slam.

We kicked the evening off with the queen’s coronation, as the new Rockstar Pro World Champion “The Gem City Queen” Nevaeh addressed the Rockstar Nation for the first time as champion. It’s great to have the first ever woman as World Champion and all, but that title match shouldn’t even have been an Intergender Tag Team Match! Okay. Calm blue ocean, Bork. Neither the place nor time. Anyway, the adoration from the Rockstar Nation was cut short when “The Lost Girl” Samantha Heights joined Nevaeh in the ring. Heights’ logic was easy to follow. She was the last person to pin both previous World Champion Jeremiah and current World Champion Nevaeh, so she deserved a title shot. Nevaeh was up to the challenge, so principal owner CW Scott made it happen. On June 3rd, Nevaeh’s title will be on the line against Samantha Heights!

Our first match featured Fight or Flight (Kyle Maverick & Nate Wings) versus the recent pairing of “The Infinite” Cole Radrick and Darin Dinero. Fight or Flight are still finding difficulty working together, as they spent more time trash talking one another than they did focusing on their opponents. Meanwhile the bouncy, young Cole and surprisingly stoic Darin worked well together. Radrick blasted Maverick with a headbutt followed up by a big knee from Dinero in a combination they call Send ‘Em Packin’. That’s all it took to keep Maverick down for the three count. Are we seeing one tag team friendship form as another falls apart? Time will tell.

Next up, Pompano Joe had a singles match against the winner of the 2017 Gem City Rumble “The Dream” Daniel Winchester. Even typing that makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Winchester really has a target on his back now, as winning the Rumble brings with it its own burden. He can challenge for any title at any time, and every competitor in the locker room knows it. Winchester hit the ring with a new confidence, but Pompano would not be intimidated. The Bad Dude got one over on the naive Daniel with a trip and a quick pin with a little extra leverage from the bottom rope. Winchester is still without a single pinfall or submission victory! He’s still just LOSEchester to me!

Rockstar’s signature match reared its beautiful head once again, as we had another Mosh Pit Scramble! Participants in this match included my best bro Clayton Jackson, The Baker, both members of Detroit’s nastiest tag team The Dirty (Austin Manix & Brandon Edwards), “The Lost Girl” Samantha Heights, “The Pitbull” Ganger, “King of the Scramble” James Avery, Prospect, and Rockstar Pro newcomer Lexus Montez. Avery stuck to his time-tested strategy of avoiding the action until he could imitate Jimmy King. Meanwhile, entrants like Clayton and both members of The Dirty went directly after anyone in their line of sight. In the end, Heights drilled Montez with the demoralizing kick I like to call DTF to win the match. What a night for Heights. She came out on top in the Scramble in addition to gaining a World Title shot at our next iPPV!

We truly entered the drizzling shits of the night when “Supercop” Dick Justice went one-on-one with “The Professional Athlete” Jon Murray. It’s been just over a year since Justice ran Remi Wilkins out of the ring with his signature version of excessive force. I have yet to forgive him. He and Murray tried their obese best to emulate Ricochet and Ospreay (or RVD and Jerry Lynn if you ask Mark Turner), but their efforts fell short. Justice thought he could outsmart Murray, which was far from a monumental task. Unfortunately, Murray took care of business with that damn Thumb in the Bum and hit a S’beer for the win. Damn him and his awful attempts at stealing maneuvers from far better wrestlers!

Next, we saw the violence continue between Night Ryderz (Dustin Rayz & Alex Colon) and The Foundation (“White Trash Muscle” Ron Mathis & “Street Rat” Sid Fabulous. Of course, The Foundation were accompanied by the injured “True Grit” Bruce Grey and Prospect. It was an intense matchup between two factions that absolutely despise each other. After a lot of back and forth offense, The Foundation took control. Mathis had Rayz completely helpless in the Torture Rack, but a dim-witted Prospect’s attempt to help out spelled disaster for The Foundation. Rayz escaped the Rack, threw Mathis into Prospect, and pinned “White Trash Muscle” with a Schoolboy. Dammit! Afterward, Mathis slapped Prospect around a bit and gave him a good tongue-lashing. It was well deserved.

Night Ryderz were not yet finished doing what they do, as “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams faced former Rockstar Pro World Champion “Juggernaut” Jeremiah in a singles contest. It turns out Williams ruptured an eardrum while brawling with members of The Foundation a short while back. Jeremiah focused most of his attacks on the bandaged ear of Williams. Williams is no stranger to violence, and he put up one helluva fight against the former World Champion. In the end, “Juggernaut” hit the Baddest Kick in the World directly on Williams’ injured ear and pinned him for the 1-2-3. A triumphant Jeremiah then grabbed a mic and announced he would be taking the injured Dave Crist’s vacant position in the upcoming Tournament of Flight. Dave was not happy about it, but Jeremiah seemed determined to win the tournament and eventually regain his Rockstar Pro World Championship.

Our main event pitted Flip ‘N’ Knees (“Hot Fire” Myron Reed & “MBD” Marcus Everett) against the first time pairing of Wendy & Lisa (“The Artist” Jake Crist & “Trigger” Trey Miguel). Wendy & Lisa came out hot and immediately attacked Flip ‘N’ Knees. The youngsters Myron and Marcus did their best to keep up with and even surpass their opponents, but it was not to be. With a wink and a kiss blown to his brother at the commentation station, Jake set up the Killing Spree so Trey could pull the trigger. Three seconds later Wendy & Lisa (or Girl Bros.) won their very first match as a tag team! As Trey and Jake celebrated their victory, Clayton Jackson slid into the squared circle and annihilated everyone! As the #1 Contender, he will soon take the American Luchacore Championship from Trey Miguel’s hands. I can’t wait, best bro! And I just know Zach would be so happy to return from the UK to Rockstar Pro and see that belt around your waist!

Be sure to get to 1106 E. 3rd St. in Dayton, OH every Wednesday evening at 7:30 for Amped. You never know who might show up or what might happen! You can also check out the best pro wrestling anywhere by subscribing to Rockstarpronetwork.com or downloading the FITE TV app. Until next time, I remain your Rockstar Pro color commentator and the Voice of Professional Wrestling.

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