Voice of Professional Wrestling (Amped Supershow 10-11-17)

I keep telling everyone that Rockstar Pro Wrestling consistently delivers the best independent wrestling available in the world, and people are finally starting to listen! The house was packed for our Supershow, and the vibe was electric. If you were Slow Joey enough to miss it, then I’m here to give you the next best thing. Read on!

The Supershow began with tag team action between the pair of Johnny Ruckus & “Lost Girl” Samantha Heights and the team of Pompano Joe & Donovan Danhausen. Ruckus apparently befriended Heights at our benefit show in December, and lots of training and hard work brought him to his Rockstar Pro debut. This new duo complemented one another well, with Sam bringing the speed and Johnny bringing the power. Joe and Donovan, however, are unfortunately finding their groove at Rockstar. It was a spirited contest that could go either way. Pompano hoisted up Ruckus for a mean Homie Driver to bring this one to an end. It may not have been a house party, but this was nevertheless a big win for those dinguses Joe and Donovan.

Familiar music rang out as “White Trash Messiah” Ron Mathis hit the ring. He grabbed a mic, but before he could get out a single word that rotund reject Jon Murray joined him. As Murray went for a handshake with Mathis, they were joined by The Foundation’s “Street Rat” Sid Fabulous, Pat the Bruiser and “True Grit” Bruce Grey. Mathis and Murray chucked both Sid and Pat out of the ring, but Bruce was smart enough to avoid their reach. Murray once again went for the handshake, but the lights went out and Night Ryderz’s music could be heard. Mathis didn’t even get in a single word!

Our second match pitted all three Night Ryderz (Dustin Rayz, Alex Colon & Aaron Williams) against The Foundation (Bruce Grey, Sid Faulous & Pat the Bruiser) in six-man tag action. This one was brutal from the moment the bell rang to the match’s bitter end. The Ryderz always bring the violence, and this match was no exception. Colon, Williams and Rayz are destructive forces on their own, but when they come together they’re near unbeatable. NEAR unbeatable. Not invincible because sometimes brains can defeat brawn. While the official was distracted, The incredibly intelligent Grey slid into the ring and targeted Alex’s cajones with a low blow before nailing him with a nasty DDT. Sid came in for the pin, and The Foundation came out on top!

My rich, handsome, close personal friend Maxwell Jacob Friedman took on “Hot Fiya” Myron Reed in a singles contest. Once again, the Rockstar Nation proved to be a bunch of low class savages when they pelted MJF with roll after roll of toilet paper. No respect! These two competitors were very evenly matched. Myron employed his speed and explosiveness, while Maxwell focused his offense on Reed’s arm. MJF went for the Fujiwara Armbar on several occasions, but “Hot Fiya” proved tougher than I thought. Myron ran in from the entranceway for a picture perfect Flame On, but he wasn’t finished. He positioned Friedman in the corner and climbed to the top of the turnbuckle. He soared into the air with a 450 Splash to pin Max for the three count. What’s the deal, Myron? You can’t beat Trey a single time, but you’ll gladly pick on my friends!

A Fatal Four-Way followed between “Kinetic” Cole Radrick, Nate Wings, “The Sickest Dude in the UK” Craig West and “The Legendary” Larry D. Much of this contest felt like a Handicap Match, with the three smaller wrestlers focusing their aggressions on the much larger Larry D. Such alliances are always temporary, as all four men desperately wanted this win. Wings has certainly perfected the Springboard Dragonrana! He took out Cole with that very move for the win, and that did not please Larry D in the slightest. “The Legendary” one focused his aggressions on the defeated Radrick, throwing the pale young man all around the arena. If Cole truly has a death wish, then he certainly pissed off the right man.

In a match that had me super excited, my bro Clayton “Gainz” Jackson faced “The Kardiac Kid” Dezmond Xavier in his Rockstar Pro homecoming! The Rockstar Nation gave a sickening welcome to Xavier, showing him respect that they consistently withhold from Jackson. This one was personal, as I know Dez was the one who persuaded Zach to abandon me and Clay. Jackson finally had a shot at revenge! The match was fantastic, as both competitors pushed on another to their limits. This one went back-and-forth like a seesaw. It took not one, but two Jocay-le Kicks for Xavier to down Jackson. Thanks, Dez! First you tear my family apart, then you humiliate my best bro.

Amazing tag team action came next as Detroit’s The Dirty (Austin Manix & Brandon Edwards) returned to Rockstar Pro to face OI4K’s “Human GIF Machine” Dave Crist & “Space Beast” Shigehiro Irie with “Iron Manager” JT Davidson ringside. We hadn’t seen The Dirty since they unsuccessfully challenge Night Ryderz for the Rockstar Pro Tag Team Championships. They seemed to possess a renewed vigor and focus as they faced members of the most dominant group in the world. This one was a true slobberknocker with all four members hitting hard and exhibiting unbridled aggression. Unfortunately for Manix and Edwards, Crist and Irie were in no mood for pleasantries. Crist climbed to the top turnbuckle and dropped a devastating Double-Stomp onto Edwards before Irie made the pin. Three seconds later it was another big win for the Ohio is 4 Killers!

As the victorious OI4K left the squared-circle, ring announcer JP asked JT Davidson for a word. Davidson gladly grabbed the mic and made some bold statements that only the “Iron Manager” could ever back up. He said it had been his dream since he marveled at wrestling stars as a child to become a World Champion. He acknowledged that as the years pass his opportunities to achieve such a distinction dwindle daily, but holding the Rockstar Pro Fanny Pack Championship presented him with a life changing opportunity. He then called out Rockstar Pro World Champion “The Fresh Prince of Midair” Trey Miguel to sign the contract for their title match. To the disappointment of the Rockstar Nation, Trey refused! What is going on in the head of our World Champion?

Our main event saw living wrestling legend “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn battle “Too Sick for Whatever” Zachary Wentz in a sensational one-on-one contest. Gunn looked absolutely incredible, especially for a man who began competing in-ring well before Wentz was even born! I know Billy is an “Ass Man,” my broadcast colleague Mark Turner is a “Nice Man,” and I’m more of a “Gams Guy.” But I guess that’s neither here nor there. In a rare moment of intimidation, Billy got into Zach’s head. Zach fought back with a quick and agile offense, but Gunn forced him to slow his roll. There was even a “Suck me!” versus “Suck it!” contest, and I don’t know what’s real anymore. Wentz achieved impressive elevation before landing hard on Gunn with a Baywood Bomb to end this phenomenal contest. The Rockstar Nation were immediately on their feet, celebrating Zach’s victory and chanting for Gunn to return soon.

What an evening, and what an Amped Supershow! You can catch the TV version on Nu-TV and FITE.TV or see the entire show only at Rockstarpronetwork.com. There is a whole lot going on at Rockstar Pro now as we brace ourselves for November’s Imma be a Gangsta Forever! You need to be there to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Until next time, I remain your Rockstar Pro color commentator and the Voice of Professional Wrestling.

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