A Word from Bork (Thanksgiving Classic 11-23-17)

This Thanksgiving evening Rockstar Pro Wrestling presented our traditional Thanksgiving Classic to an arena full of Rockstar Nation faithful. For the stats junkies out there who are only interested in the results, here you go! Don't say I give you nothing.

  • Alvarado defeated Chris Kelly with a Powerbomb.

  • Ron Mathis defeated Pat the Bruiser with an ATM Piledriver.

  • Jon Murray defeated Ben Boone with a Choke Bomb.

  • Pompano Joe & Donovan Danhausen defeated Will the Thrill & Pav City when Pompano Joe hit a Homey Driver on Pav City.

  • Bruce Grey defeated Ace Austin with a DDT before GM for the evening Kevin Sullivan restarted the match. Ace Austin then defeated Bruce Grey with a Schoolboy.

  • Shane Douglas defeated Cole Radrick with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

  • The team of Ron Mathis, Jon Murray, Pompano Joe & Donovan Danhausen defeated the team of Bruce Grey, Pat the Bruiser, Ben Boone & Alvarado in an Elimination Tag Team Match when Jon Murray pinned Bruce Grey after a Choke Bomb.

For the rest of you, I thought I’d share my thoughts on this Dayton wrestling tradition. It was only my second Thanksgiving Classic at Rockstar Pro, and it was definitely my most enjoyable one to date! Having living legends Kevin Sullivan and Shane Douglas around put a lot of toothless smiles on a lot of pockmarked faces throughout the Rockstar Nation. I do, despite your unfair characterizations of me, have a weak spot in my black heart for the happiness of children. This is especially true around this time of year. Seeing all the little ones get caught up in the in-ring action was a joy in spite of the taunts and jeers streaming from the derelict mouths of their greasy parents. There was a bit of a looser feel to the action in the ring, as the competitors were most likely full of tryptophan and goodwill. Gross.

Anyway, that’s that. Rockstar Pro’s Thanksgiving Classic is a great time and is well on its way to becoming an annual tradition for yours truly. Thanks to the Rockstar Pro office for keeping this event going and for providing plenty of tasty grub for the boys in the back. The show itself will soon be available on Rockstarpronetwork.com, so sign up for just five bucks a month right now! It just might make the perfect gift for that professional wrestling fanatic in your life. Or maybe the ultimate way to treat yourself! Alright. Enough of this lovey-dovey stuff. Eat a butt, you cold and uncaring world! Eat. A. Butt.

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