Voice of Professional Wrestling (Amped 11-29-17)

Ho ho ho, grease rangers. It’s almost December which means it’s almost time for A Killer Xmas! Only two nights before our most festive annual show, some crazy things happened on Amped! Read on, lecherous oafs, and learn.

The night began with a contract signing between Rockstar Pro World Champion “The Fresh Prince of Midair” Trey Miguel and challenger “One Mean Hombre” Jake Crist. Of course, “Iron Manager” JT Davidson was by Crist’s side. Our fighting champion Miguel signed the contract with no hesitation. Before Crist could do anything, “Juggernaut” Jeremiah interrupted to talk shit about Jake. As Jeremiah promised to take down Jake Crist wherever he may go, Trey couldn’t take anymore talking. Miguel chucked a steel chair into the face of Davidson and pounced. All hell broke loose, and Crist rocked Jeremiah with a Superkick before applying the Dragon Sleeper. When Trey turned his attention to Crist, Davidson snuck up behind our World Champion and gave him a Spinebuster right through a table! I thought JT was supposed to be unfit to compete! What a liar! Nevertheless, Jake Crist held the title belt high and left both Miguel and Jeremiah facedown on the mat. It’ll be an epic confrontation when champion and #1 contender collide at A Killer Xmas!

Our first scheduled match of the night pitted Ace Austin against impressive newcomer Alvarado. These two put on a solid match, with lots of back-and-forth and working to gain an advantage. Every time Alvarado seemed to take control, Austin found a way to bounce back. Ace once again hit The Fold from out of nowhere to finish off his opponent. Alvarado shook Austin’s hand afterward, as it appeared the veteran from NYC was impressed with his competition.

Triple Threat action followed between Shane Bender, “The Cajun Kid” Sage Cainan and “Former Iowa Hawkeye” Steve Manders. These three hungry, young competitors were still eager to gain the approval of both the Rockstar Nation and our front office. In matches like this, wrestlers must keep their wits about them. Attacks could come from anywhere at anytime, so all three warriors kept their heads on swivels. In the end, Cainan hit a brutal Curb Stomp on Bender to take the match and gain yet another important early victory to impress Rockstar Pro management.

“The Lost Girl” Samantha Heights once again teamed up with that lumpy goober Jon Murray to take on Pompano Joe and the debuting Jah-C in a tag team match. Surprisingly, Jah-C and Pompano worked incredibly well together. Pompano’s partner for the night showed no fear in facing both Heights and Murray. It was far better a contest than any match featuring Murray should ever be. While the referee was distracted, The Foundation’s Pat the Bruiser slid into the ring and speared Jon Murray right in his gargantuan gut. Pompano showed his veteran experience by taking advantage of the situation and hitting Murray with a “modified version” of the Homey Driver to gain the win for his team. Maybe Jah-C could be Joe’s good luck charm. Jealous, Danhausen?

It was a battle of the beastly big men when Gucci Gang’s Clayton Jackson squared off against “Legendary” Larry D. This was every bit the display of power, strength and stamina that the Rockstar Nation wanted. Jackson tried his best, but all that partying with the rest of the Gucci Gang must’ve taken its toll on his body. D muscled Jackson up onto his shoulders and hit him with an Over-the-Shoulder Backbreaker to bring this monstrous confrontation to an end. How the hell does Cole Radrick expect to prevail in his Last Man Standing match against Larry D on Friday?

Singles action continued between Nate Wings and “White Trash Messiah” Ron Mathis. This one was a chess match of a contest, with Mathis targeting one of Wings’ arms while Nate focused his offense on one of Ron’s legs. These Rockstar Pro two day one originals put on one impressive match. Wings even escaped the Torture Rack before Ron could stretch him into submission. Mathis, however, finally brought this conflict to an end with a Tombstone Piledriver dumping Wings right on his head. Will he be so lucky against “True Grit” Bruce Grey on Friday?

“Kinetic” Cole Radrick faced “Hot Fiya” Myron Reed in another singles contest. These two young lions had everything to prove and nothing to lose in this spirited exhibition match. Myron hit some impressive offense on Cole, but that little wiener just won’t stay down. Eventually, Larry D came out to watch the match and offer Cole some sarcastic encouragement. Myron willed himself into pulling off an incredible Firefly from the top turnbuckle to keep Cole down for the three-count. Get used to losing, Cole! It’s going to happen again on Friday.

Our main event was for the Rockstar Pro Trios Championships, as Trios Champions The Night Ryderz (Aaron Williams, Alex Colon & Dustin Rayz) defended against The Foundation (Bruce Grey, Pat the Bruiser & Ben Boone). That’s right. No time limits! No disqualifications! No count-outs! No tags necessary! All three Night Ryderz brought their signature aggressiveness to this match, while The Foundation took a more subtle approach. We all know that Bruce Grey knows the rules, and how to exploit them, better than anyone else in pro wrestling. “True Grit” struck Colon right in the balls before introducing Alex’s face to the canvas with a devastating DDT. One tights-tugging pin later, and The Foundation are your new Rockstar Pro Trios Champions!

What a night! Great matches! New champs! Bruce Grey brilliantly led his team to becoming new Trios Champions as only a great leader could! What fallout might result at A Killer Xmas? Find out by joining us at 1106 E. 3rd St. in Dayton, Ohio on Friday, December 1st! Be sure to catch up on all things Rockstar Pro by subscribing to Rockstarpronetwork.com for only five bucks a month! Until next time, I remain your Rockstar Pro color commentator and The Voice of Professional Wrestling.

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