Voice of Professional Wrestling (Amped Supershow 5-23-18)

Greetings, mud smears! Another week another incredible Wednesday evening at Rockstar Pro Wrestling! This edition of Amped was no exception, as we put on a Supershow to rival any other wrestling company’s biggest show of the year. Yeah, Murray is still World Champion. That still sucks, but everything else was pretty great!

The show began with a rematch between “The Human GIF Machine” Dave Crist and a seemingly recuperated Cole Radrick. These two had another incredibly intense match that pushed young Cole to his limits and fired up a focused Crist. Crist took Radrick to the mat and locked in the Katahajime to force a tap out from Cole and secure a healthy dose of vengeance after their previous encounter. After two weeks and a 1-1 record, I doubt this will be the final confrontation between this hungry young competitor and the established veteran at the top of his game.

Next up, Dustin Rayz defended his Trios Captain’s Championship against “Special Dark” Suge D. Rayz brings a lot of physicality to every match in addition to employing his devious, tactical mind. Meanwhile, Suge started off all fun and games. But when things got serious, Suge D reached down deep and brought out his most competitive side. Suge drilled Dustin with a nasty DDT, but the Night Ryder kicked out and fought on. Moments later, Rayz turned D ass over elbows and and dumped him on his head with a Catalyst Driver. Dustin Rayz remains your Rockstar Pro Trios Captain’s Champion! That’s bad news for anyone hoping for Manage-a-Three as full-fledged Trios Champions, but Timmy and Mike would have their shot later in the night.

Women’s action followed between “Lost Girl” Samantha Heights and Xia Brookside in her Rockstar Pro debut. The Rockstar Nation was pumped up to see the Liverpudlian legacy in her first Rockstar Pro match. The two jockeyed for position and seemed to be fairly evenly matched despite the experience gap between them. Xia went for her patented Brooksy Bomb, but a crafty Heights countered. Sam climbed to the top turnbuckle and came crashing down with a Bangarang on Xia for the 1-2-3 and a huge win! Samantha Heights once again proved that any female competitor looking to make a name for herself in the Midwest Territory has to go through her first.

The Trios Tag Team Championships were on the line when champions Firearms (“Hot Fiya” Myron Reed & “Fresh Prince of Midair” Trey Miguel) took on challengers the Gym Nasty Boys (“Dr. Neck” White Mike & Timmy “Yam Yam” Retton). Anyone thinking that these sex pests would take from Reed and Miguel what’s rightfully theirs has clearly underestimated Firearms! Trey’s speed sizzled while Myron’s high-flying offense thrilled! Mike and Timmy are great athletes, but they chose to gyrate and be gross. Trey and Myron combined forces to hit White Mike with a perfect Hot & Fresh to claim victory and retain their Trios Tag Team Championships! Too bad so sad, Gym Nasty Boys fans!

The title matches continued on this Supershow! Rich Swann returned to defend his Revolver Open Invite Championship against Ace Austin. The Rockstar Nation was hyped for this one, and it did not disappoint. This was a super fast-paced, high energy contest that you can catch on Rockstarpronetwork.com. Ace used his educated feet to give him a real fighting chance in this contest. Rich, however, was far too skilled a champion to let the young Ace show him up. Swann thrilled the crowd with a beautiful Phoenix Splash to retain his Wrestling Revolver Open Invite Championship!

It wouldn’t be a Supershow without a Mosh Pit Scramble! Participants included “Too Swole to Control” Clayton Gainz, “Bare Knuckle Berserker” Lord Crewe, “Executive Secretary of Offense” Mr. Bruise, “Cutthroat” Austin Manix, the returning Crash Jaxon, Nate Wings, “Pure Trash” Ron Mathis, Rob Killjoy, and Pompano Joe. It was set to be an awesome confrontation, then Jon Murray showed up. He entered the match and put his World Championship on the line! Can you believe this guy? Nevertheless, it was an insanely action-packed Scramble! After lots of wild combat, Gainz was in a great position. Clay smartly spat some pre-workout into Murray’s dumb face and kicked Jon in his tiny peenie for good measure. Unfortunately, “True Grit” Bruce Grey slid in and DDTed Gainz before he could utilize his advantage. Dammit, Brucey! You know better than that. Anyway, Murray recovered enough to hit the Choke Bomb on Clay and retain his Rockstar Pro World Championship. What an asshole!

Excitement was at an all time high when “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok” faced “The King of Dong Style” Joey Ryan. Ryan thrilled the Rockstar Nation with lollipops and baby oil, but Havok was all business. Jessicka had a clear strength advantage, but Ryan’s psychological manipulation was evident as always. Joey hit a devastating Sweet Tooth Music to Havok and went for the cover, but Jessicka kicked out! She lifted Ryan high and slammed him down with Death From Above to take the win! Even “The King of Dong Style” got ground up by “The Havok Death Machine!”

Two of the most dangerous men in pro wrestling collided as “The Draw” Sami Callihan went head-to-head against “Legendary” Larry D. Right from the beginning, D chucked Callihan out into the front row of the Rockstar Nation. This was a wildly violent affair that hurt just to watch! You should probably subscribe to Rockstarpronetwork.com and watch this one again. Sami actually Bodyslammed the massive Larry D and went for his infamous chair and bat combination, but D fought back. A single Knockout Punch from Larry D brought him the win. If “Legendary” Larry D can take down “The Most Dangerous Man in Pro Wrestling” he can do anything!

We began the night with an eagerly anticipated rematch and ended the night in similar fashion. Our main event was the second meeting between “Too Sick for This World” Zachary Wentz and the 2018 Gem City Rumble winner “Acey Baby” Ace Romero! Oh yeah, did I mention you can see this killer contest on Rockstarpronetwork.com? Words can hardly do this one justice, so I’m barely even going to try here. Romero kicked out after Wentz delivered his usually match winning UFO Cutter. Romero lifted Zach up and dropped him on his head with a Tombstone Piledriver! Three seconds later these two were tied 1-1. Great work, Acey!

What a Supershow! With the first ever Tournament of Fight just around the corner on June 1st, it’s getting hot in Dayton! Be sure to catch up all the action by subscribing to Rockstarpronetwork.com, and see us live each and every Wednesday at 1106 E. 3rd Street. Until next time, I remain your Rockstar Pro color commentator and the Voice of Professional Wrestling.

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