Voice of Professional Wrestling (Tournament of Fight 6-1-18)

Welcome back, dinguses. Over a year has passed since our first ever Tournament of Flight, and this year Rockstar Pro upped the ante even more with the introduction of the Tournament of Fight! Eight of the best bruisers and brawlers in pro wrestling today congregated in Dayton, Ohio for a massive meeting of the mitts. Who would be crowned the first winner of this tournament?

Our first match of round one pitted “Wrestling’s Maniac” Joe Gacy against “Big Mike” Michael Elgin. Elgin was the last entrant announced and generated a lot of buzz going into the competition. “Big Mike” cut a lot of weight and was in incredible fighting shape for this tournament. Meanwhile, Gacy came to Rockstar Pro looking for a fight. He was not disappointed. The two threw lots of chops and mean-looking lariats at one another, with “Big Mike” gaining the striking advantage. Elgin became the first competitor to move on to the semifinals after finishing off Gacy with an amazing Elgin Bomb! It was a great way to kick off a compelling tournament.

The next first round matchup featured “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams taking on “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok. These two really laid into one another with some of the most stinging kicks to ever make contact within the squared circle. Havok looked to be in great position, but longtime members of the Rockstar Nation know to never discount “The BMA.” Williams finally stunned Havok with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb before dropping her with a nasty Roundhouse Kick. Three seconds later, Williams eliminated the single female competitor and definite fan favorite in this tournament.

Tag team action was next when Lost Dudes (“Too Sick for This World” Zachary Wentz & “Lost Girl” Samantha Heights) faced the unlikely pairing of “Kinetic” Cole Radrick and “Hot Fiya” Myron Reed. That damn, sexy Wentz and a determined Heights worked really well together. Myron and Cole, however, did not gel as a team. In fact, Reed got so frustrated with Cole’s performance that he decided to leave his one night only tag team partner high and dry. After Myron ditched his dead weight, the Lost Dudes simply had too much sauce for Cole Radrick. Heights rocked Cole’s dome with F Your Face before teaming up with Wentz to end Radrick’s night with a Killing Spree. Well, at least everyone got to see why Myron dumped him.

Another first round contest saw Rickey Shane Page going head-to-head against “Legendary” Larry D. These two big men bashed the hell out of each other in a truly brutal affair. Every time D seemed to gain an advantage, Page found a way to fight back to his feet. Page ascended to the top turnbuckle and jumped at D, put Larry’s fit met the diving Rickey’s face. That Knockout Punch sent Larry D to the semifinals to face “Big Mike” Elgin.

Dustin Rayz’s Trios Captain’s Championship was on the line in a massive Mosh Pit Scramble! He faced President of The Administration “True Grit” Bruce Grey, “Cutthroat” Austin Manix, “Pure Trash” Ron Mathis, Nate Wings, “The Bare Knuckle Berserker” Lord Crewe, Pompano Joe, and Rockstar Pro newcomers Matt Kenway and Jake Lander. As per usual in a Mosh Pit Scramble, this one was truly nutso to the buttso. Competitors flew all over the ring, throwing caution and their bodies to the wind. Mathis may have gotten the worst of it when Nate Wings crushed his dome with three back-to-back Reverse ‘Ranas! In the end, the Night Ryderz defeated Wings with a punishing Catalyst Driver to retain his Trios Captain’s gold!

The final round one match saw “Juggernaut” Jeremiah take on Hall of Famer and living legend Tito Santana. Tito locked up in impressive fashion with snappiness and power. But Jeremiah would not be outfought by a 65-year-old man, even if that man is a true legend of our sport! Jeremiah “WCWed” Tito by sliding out of the ring, luring Tito to chase him, slipping back under the bottom rope, then immediately pinning Santana when he pursued the “Juggernaut” back into the ring. Jeremiah’s handful of trunks secured the win and sent him to the semifinals where he’d face Aaron Williams.

Our first semifinal match in the Tournament of Fight was a bout between Larry D and Michael Elgin. It was only the second ever meeting between the two, and everyone in the building was eager to see this pairing. The two beat the hell out of one another for quit some time. Elgin attempted to muscle D into a Backslide pin, but Larry proved to be too damn strong. Larry D countered and spun Elgin around into a massive KO Punch. D followed with a cover to defeat Elgin and move on to the Tournament of Fight final bout!

The last semifinal contest pitted two longtime Rockstar Pro stars when Aaron Williams faced Jeremiah. The two former Rockstar Pro World Champions held nothing back, as they viciously struggled for dominance. Jeremiah suddenly wrapped Williams up in a Guillotine Choke and won the match via submission! It would be the hated Jeremiah against the respected Larry D in the No Ropes/Last Man Standing Match to determine a winner of the first Tournament of Fight!

Next up, Jon Murray defended the Rockstar Pro World Championship against the winner of the 2018 Gem City Rumble “Acey Baby” Ace Romero. Murray actually seemed to take this challenger seriously, but he still went for that god damn Thumb in the Bum. Each man took the other’s best offense, but they battled on. After a S’beer through a board in the ring, both super-heavyweights were fairly battered. Ace launched himself off of the apron and into Murray, and they both crashed through an angled board! It was such a violent collision that neither man could get to his feet. The contest ended in a Double Countout, and unfortunately that means Jon Murray retained the Rockstar Pro World Championship and surpassed Jake Crist to become the fourth longest reigning Rockstar Pro Champion. God dammit.

The finals of the inaugural Tournament of Fight was set to be a massive clash between “Legendary” Larry D and “Juggernaut” Jeremiah in a No Ropes/Last Man Standing Match. As massive as it was, it was over in mere seconds. The bell rang, and Larry dropped Jeremiah with a single punch to the face. Jeremiah’s hand-selected official P.D. Barton refused to make the count, so Larry D knocked him out too! Jeremiah struggled to his feet, so D delivered yet another KO Punch to Jeremiah’s jaw. With Jeremiah seeing stars and sprawled out on the canvas, junior official Bobson Dugnutt ran to the ring and made the ten count. Just like that, in a matter of seconds, Larry D won the final to be declared the first winner of Rockstar Pro’s inaugural Tournament of Fight! Congratulations to “Legendary” Larry D!

With our winner of the inaugural Tournament of Fight crowned, what does this mean for the future of Rockstar Pro? There’s one great way to find out! Show up live and in-person every Wednesday night for Amped. You can also subscribe to Rockstarpronetwork.com to catch every single Rockstar Pro show! Until next time, I remain your Rockstar Pro color commentator and the Voice of Professional Wrestling.

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