Voice of Professional Wrestling (Amped 10-3-18)

HorrorCore is nearly upon us, graboids! The spoopiest, creppiest ghouls rule the night the entire month of October. What better way to kick off the month than with a night of professional wrestling in which every single match has a hardcore stipulation? Nevertheless, there’s once last Amped to cover before the blood begins to flow. Let’s get to it!

The night began with JP welcoming Night Ryder “The Catalyst” Dustin Rayz to the ring. Dustin didn’t stay in the ring long before heading to ringside to speak directly to the Rockstar Nation up close and personal. He addressed the fact that the reason he initially came to Rockstar Pro was because of a personal beef with Aaron Williams. While hatred evolved into mutual respect over the years, Williams destroyed it all with chair shots in the dark. Rayz claimed that his non-title victory over Aaron a few weeks back means he deserves a shot at the Rockstar Pro World Championship. He then produced a dog collar and chain from under the ring. Dustin wants a shot at Williams at HorrorCore!

Our first contest pitted “Bare Knuckle Berserker” Lord Crewe against “The Hawkeye” 1 Called Manders. The was a battle between two big men who couldn’t be more different. Crewe prefers a brawling style, while Manders’ college sports background provides him a different perspective. The two traded blows in a heated contest before Crewe’s fisticuffs gave him the advantage. Crewe ended up securing the victory with an Earthshatter that kept Manders down for the three count.

Next up, “The Disasterpiece” Kobain faced Nate Wings in singles action. Kobain brought the thunder to a confident Wings, but Nate managed to slip his way out of every hold. Nate even got in one good shot that bloodied up Kobain’s nose. That was all he needed to turn the match to his favor. The Day One Original hit a beautiful Springboard Stunner to earn the pin and the win! Wings will face Manders at HorrorCore in a Monsters Beneath the Ring Match. It’s gonna get weird.

Two athletes from DDT Pro returned to the Rockstar Pro Arena to face off once again when “The Blazing Raze” Rekka took on Yoshimura. This contest was absolutely brutal, with Yoshimura repeatedly dropping Rekka on his head. Rekka willed himself back into a fighting stance a few times, even landing some impressive blows to his larger opponent. “The Blazing Raze” targeted Yoshimura’s left arm throughout the contest in an attempt to soften him up for the Flying Armbar. Yoshimura had other plans. He dropped Rekka with a Shonen Ba to take the win. That puts this duo of fighters at 1-1 after two weeks in Dayton. Something tells me they’ll want a tiebreaker.

An unusual Handicap Match was up next. The betrothed couple “The Man Without F’n Fear” Kyle Maverick and “Lost Girl” Samantha Heights faced a jilted “The Destroyer” Jeremiah. Before the match could begin, Jeremiah attacked Maverick from behind. This essentially took Kyle out of most of the match. Sam held her own, but Jeremiah would stoop to any depths for a win. Just when Maverick seemed to recover, Jeremiah Powerbombed Heights on top of him. After Jeremiah pulled the official into harm’s way, P.D. Barton hit the ring and handed “The Destroyer” a win with a fast count following a Knee Strike. Principal Owner C.W. Scott restarted the match with himself as the official. One Yahtzee! later, Kyle Maverick brought he and his fiancee an pinfall victory. Jeremiah and Maverick will lock horns at HorrorCore in a Casket Match. Additionally, Maverick has put his career on the line, saying he will not return to Rockstar Pro if he loses!

Absolutely wild ten-man tag team action came next to the delight of the Rockstar Nation. The team of President “True Grit” Bruce Grey, “Executive Secretary of Defense” Mr. Boone, “Executive Secretary of Offense” Mr. Bruise, and “Brothers of Construction” Vinny & Dom Bambino came together to form an improved Administration. They faced the squad of “Pure Trash” Ron Mathis, Pompano Joe, Crash Jaxon, and Rockstar Pro Tag Team Champions The Dirty (“Bulletproof” Brandon Edwards & “Cutthroat” Austin Manix). This match was pure chaos with all ten men furiously attacking their opponents. It looked to be over when Mathis lifted the massive Mr. Bruise up onto his shoulders for the Torture Rack. Fortunately for The Administration, Bruce Grey can be trusted to save the day. Bruce hit Mathis from behind with a Chop Block to set “Pure Trash” up for the patented DDT! What a win for The Administration! Mathis and Grey will face off in a Great Pumpkin Patch Match at HorrorCore, while The Dirty will put their Tag Team Championships on the line against former champs The Hooligans!

The Wrestling Revolver Open Invite Championship was up for grabs when “Ace of Spades” Ace Austin defended his title against “Too Swole to Control” Clayton Gainz. Gainz defeated Austin for the very same title in singles competition the previous week, but apparently it wasn’t sanctioned. So I guess it didn’t count. Why not catch this rematch on Rockstarpronetwork.com for just five bucks? Clay repeatedly went for the Muscliest Musclebuster Ever, but Ace always slithered his way free. Ace got in his typical super showy kicks with plenty of wholly unnecessary flips. When Clay went for another Musclebuster, Ace countered with a pinning Sunset Flip off of the top turnbuckle. So yeah, Ace finally broke his losing streak against Clay in a match that shouldn’t even have happened anyway. Big fucking deal.

Our main event was a Rockstar Pro World Championship match between reigning four-time champion “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams and #1 Contender “Legendary” Larry D. The two fought it out in a hard-hitting contest, but it didn’t last long. The lights went out, and when they re-illuminated Dustin Rayz was standing in the ring armed with a steel chair. He took a swing at Williams, but Aaron ducked and Rayz blasted Larry D in the face with the chair. The ring gong sounded, and Larry D took the win via disqualification. Rayz chased Williams through the lobby and out the front door while a bemused Larry D paced around the ring. It’s going to be gruesome when all three men fight for the title in a Three-Way Dog Collar Match!

That’s all for this week, ya wing-nuts! Don’t forget about HorrorCore on Friday, October 5th at Rockstar Pro Arena. Additionally, you can subscribe to Rockstarpronetwork.com for a mere five clams per month to see hours upon hours of killer wrestling content! Until next time, I remain your Rockstar Pro color commentator and the Voice of Professional Wrestling. Now, don’t get murdered out there! Or do. Whatever.

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