Voice of Professional Wrestling (Amped Supershow 10-24-18)

It was a Supershow when Impact Wrestling came to Dayton, Ohio! If you’re a regular at our Amped tapings, you know that any given Wednesday can easily be called a super show. This one, however, was a literal SUPERSHOW that brought Impact directly to the epicenter of the Midwest Territory. Let’s do it to it!

Unfortunately, the night began in the worst possible fashion. Jun Murray was in the ring, and he had a microphone. He prattled on about how he won and lost the Rockstar Pro World Championship. He rambled about memories made with the likes of Shane Douglas, Joey Ryan and Ricky Steamboat in the Rockstar Pro Arena. He claimed that even though he might be at a low point in his career he simply won’t stop believing in Rockstar Pro. Ah, the iPPV name drop. I get it.

Next up, a relief. “The Destroyer” Jeremiah faced “Bare Knuckle Berserker” Lord Crewe and some guy who wandered into the building named Pompano Joe in a Triple Threat Match. Jeremiah and Crewe are two of the hardest hitting fighters in the world of pro wrestling today, and they lived up to that reputation in the ring. “The Destroyer” threw kicks that landed with devastating effect, while Lord Crewe’s furious fisticuffs rocked his opponents’ bones. Oh, and Joe was there. He somehow won with a Homey Driver to Jeremiah. Huh! Who would’ve thunk it?

“Pure Trash” Ron Mathis hit the ring with his Trash Punks (“Disasterpiece” Kobain & Crash Jaxon) and claimed to have a challenge prepared that would “toughen them up.” How right he was! Without their knowledge, Mathis prepared for his proteges a true taste of terror. Kobain and Jaxon would face Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer “The Monster” Abyss two-on-one in the ring! Needless to say, the Trash Punks didn’t stand a chance. Abyss destroyed them both, pinning Kobain after a ring-clattering Black Hole Slam. The entire contest was over in a matter of seconds. As Abyss admired his own handiwork, Madman Fulton entered the arena. He locked eyes with Abyss before backing off through the curtain.

Bruce Grey brought The Administration’s Brothers of Construction (Vinny & Dom Bambino) to the ring to face the Killer Death Machines (Nevaeh & Jessicka Havok). The President explained that he wasn’t into fighting women. Even “Executive Secretary of Offense” Mr. Bruise spoke up with a few short words. Ultimately, it was the Bambinos who would have to mix it up with two of the greatest women wrestlers in the business. Killer Death Machines, on the other hand, were only interested in destruction. They ran roughshod over both Bambinos until Havok hit Vinny with Death From Above. Three seconds later, KDM were victorious! It was such a quick affair their music never even stopped playing. Nevaeh and Havok looked phenomenal!

The Dirty (“Bulletproof” Brandon Edwards & “Cutthroat” Austin Manix) defended their Rockstar Pro Tag Team Championships against the Night Ryderz (Alex Colon & Rockstar Pro World Champion “The Catalyst” Dustin Rayz) in our next contest. Rayz was in a position to end the night as both Rockstar Pro World Champion and Tag Team Champion! First, he’d have to get through Manix and Edwards. This was a very competitive contest, with both teams bringing their own unique brands of violence to the ring. The Ryderz might have pulled it off, were it not for the actions of “Legendary” Larry D. He stood on the ring entrance, staring a hole through Rayz. That moment’s distraction was all it took for The Dirty to take control. They drilled Colon with the Dreamkiller to take the victory and remain at the top of the tag team pack! The Dirty will defend their titles against Lethal Enforces (Anthony Henry & James Drake) at Don’t Stop Believing, while Rayz will defend the World Championship against “Legendary” Larry D in a Last Man Standing contest.

“The Draw” Sami Callihan along with Dave and Jake Crist decided it was time for Brian Cage to lose his Impact X-Division Championship. Cage hit the ring looking bigger than ever (and with the most perfect facial hair I’ve ever seen) with an odd looking X-Division Championship. Oh wait. That was Clayton Gainz! Sami hit him in the dick before Dave and Jake teamed up to drop Gainz with the Crist Cutter. It was an one helluva way to get into the real Brian Cage’s head. Watch Impact on Pop. You’ll get it. Love you, Clay!

A one-on-one match followed between “The Fresh Prince of Midair” Trey Miguel” and “The Hawkeye” Steve Manders. These two boast entirely different in-ring styles and put on a truly exciting display. Manders relied on his strength training and football experience, while Miguel bounced around him like a heat-seeking pinball. Trey showed the world why he’s a true innovator of our sport when he defeated Manders with his What the Fuck was That (Toned down to the Double Baby Cutter for those of you with virgin ears and eyes)!? Better luck next time, Manders! You’re a great athlete, but you’re far from being on Trey’s level. Love you, Trey!

Fatal Four-Way action followed between “The Ace of Spades” Ace Austin, “Pure Trash” Ron Mathis, “Reborn” Aaron Williams, and “Acey Baby” Ace Romero. What an exciting way to see two of the biggest names in the history of our company in action against two of the hottest young names in wrestling today! Mathis is as trashy and threatening as ever, while Williams has clearly tapped into something darker within his soul. Meanwhile, both Aces brought unparalleled agility and intensity to this contest. “Lost Girl” Samantha Heights effectively chased Williams out of the building after weeks of abuse at his hands, and this gave Austin a massive opportunity. He slammed Romero’s face to the mat with a Stupid Sexy Stomp before hitting A Scream in the Still Breeze for the win! Austin will face the legendary Puma King at Don’t Stop Believing.

“Too Sick for This World” Zachary Wentz returned home to Dayton to face “Legendary” Larry D in singles action. This was incredible, and it’s available for free on YouTube! Give it a watch before subscribing to Rockstarpronetwork.com for a mere five bones a month. After a blazing confrontation in which Wentz hit D with nearly everything in his arsenal, Larry landed one KO Punch to drop his opponent. Fist met face. Zach went down. This match proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Larry D can win against the absolute best the professional wrestling world has to offer. Love you, Zach!

Our main event saw the actual “Mr. GMSI” Brian Cage defend his X-Division Championship against “The Draw” Sami Callihan after OVE ingeniously had Cage seeing red. Cage and Callihan had a colossal confrontation... for a few minutes. Then all hell broke loose! A number of big players in the Rockstar Pro locker room spilled into the ring. They took turns putting the boots to Cage before running a train of debilitating offense on the downed X-Division champ. Sami dumped Cage on his dome with a nasty Piledriver, but unfortunately the match was already declared a No Contest. Again, watch Impact on Pop. You’ll understand.

What a night! Dare I say, that show was super! You can catch all the action including the upcoming iPPV Don’t Stop Believing by subscribing to Rockstarpronetwork.com for the low, low price of five clams every 30 or so days. Don’t forget to remember you can catch us in action live and in-person every single goddamn Wednesday night. Until next time, I remain your Rockstar Pro color commentator and the Voice of Professional Wrestling.

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