The Measuring Stick of Violence

While the world waits out this health crisis, we're looking to continue to bring you Rockstar Pro Wrestling content. I will be bringing you stats & stories about each Rockstar on the roster. Today, I'll start at the top with the current, reigning, defending Intergalactic Champion, "the Measuring Stick of Violence," "Cutthroat" Austin Manix.

Austin Manix arrived on the scene at Rockstar Pro as part of a tag-team called The Dirty, along with his tag-team partner Brandon Edwards. They looked like a million bucks. Both were in great shape ("body guys," if you will), they looked like a team and most importantly, they were athletic as Hell and hustled in that ring with impressive double-team tag maneuvers. It wasn't long before the Dirty were the top team at Rockstar. They were multiple time Tag-Team Champions, having fantastic matches against the likes of AEW stars Santana & Ortiz, Impact stars oVe, the Hooligans, The GNB, Lethal Enforcers, Besties in the World and more! Then, Edwards suffered a career-ending injury. Manix had dominated the Tag-Team division for some time but could he break out on his own as a singles competitor?

The move from the old Rockstar Arena on Third Street to Rockstar Pro's current home at Turnbuckles was full of new beginnings for the company & the entire roster. The Rockstar Pro World Championship was rechristened as the Intergalactic Championship! Impact Wrestling had signed nearly a dozen (Rock)stars from our roster! This opened up new opportunities... new "spots." Several former Rockstar Pro Champions (Aaron Williams, Ron Mathis and Jeremiah) quickly reminded everyone why they've been the "top guys" for many years at Rockstar Pro. Clayton Gainz and Larry D arrived as Main Eventers at Rockstar. Who would be the next to reach for the proverbial "brass ring?"

One night, two "mid-card" wrestlers were randomly thrown together in a match. Those two "mid-card" guys were both young, in great shape, talented as Hell, and hungry to earn their "spot:" Austin Manix vs Lord Crewe. I may be wrong, but I don't think the two of them had ever wrestled each other before. They beat the crap out of each other and had one heck of a match! Those of us in the office decided we wanted to see those two go at it again. This led to a Best-of-7 Series between the two. Every match of the series would have a different stipulation. Every match would be more violent than the one before it. The series went back & forth, going all 7 matches. The series final ended up with both men unconscious, unable to continue, and the ref declared it a draw, leading to an 8th match in the series! Both Manix and Crewe elevated their game through that series. Crewe went on to be crowned the first Amped Champion. Manix would go on a 6-month undefeated streak that included a win over former Intergalactic Champion Aaron Williams!

Austin Manix's 6-month undefeated streak (which still hasn't been broken) was volatile! After the brutal Best-of-7 Series against Lord Crewe, Manix started always having his "lady" by his side. No, not Detroit-by-way-of-Essex, England women's wrestler Heidi Katrina ...Manix's kendo stick, "Lucy." Manix started demanding a title shot and assaulting everyone in his path until he got one!

Always a fighting Champion, Impact's latest signing from Rockstar Pro, Larry D accepted Manix' challenge. The two had a wild brawl that spilled out of the ring and ended in a double count-out draw. During the contract signing for their rematch, Manix stabbed Larry D's right hand with a screwdriver! With his hand heavily taped up, the 2-time Intergalactic Champ defended against Manix at the March 4th AMPED. Manix took advantage of the injury & forced Larry D to tapout. There was an eerie hush that fell over the Rockstar Nation. The live crowd in attendance couldn't believe it: Austin Manix defeated Larry D to become Intergalactic Champion!

Two days later, at Beware the Ides of March, the new Champ defended against a surprise challenger: former 2-time Intergalactic Champion Clayton Gainz! Manix managed to fend off the former Champ to retain. Interesting stat: the man Manix defeated for the title and his first challenger were the only two men to ever hold the Intergalactic Championship twice.

With live events on hold due to the pandemic, we've had to wait to see who will be the next to step up and challenge the Champ. One thing is certain, though: when live events return it will be a new era... an era of violence... the era of Austin Manix!

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