History of the Amped Championship

Most wrestling promotions recognize their own champion and tag-team champions. Often, promotions will also recognize a second singles champion. Raw's U.S. Champion, Smackdown's Intercontinental Champion, NXT's North American Champion, All Elite Wrestling's TNT Champion, IMPACT Wrestling's X-Division, etc. This gives the rest of the roster that aren't in the Main Event picture something to fight for. Fans on the internet often call it a "mid-card" title but the locker room calls it the "workhorse" title. These are the competitors hungry to prove their worth. They're out to steal the show! These are the wrestlers that want to show everyone that they deserve a shot at the Main Event and the top tier title.

Rockstar Pro Wrestling crowned our first Champion in 2013. The following year, American Luchacore Champion Remi Wilkins debuted at Rockstar Pro. The American Luchacore Championship had a long history (Aaron Williams and Ron Mathis, each, held the title before it came to Rockstar) so Rockstar Pro recognized & sanctioned the title for 3 years. This championship would be won by Nate Wings, Jeremiah, Pompano Joe, Bruce Grey, Clayton Gainz, Impact stars Nevaeh, Wentz & Trey, and AEW star MJF. AEW star REY FENIX won the American Luchacore Championship in August 2017 and retired it.

The next month, we launched the 24/7 Fanny Pack Championship. I stood in the Rockstar ring and told the Rockstar Nation, "This fanny pack could change someone's life." Under 24/7 rules, the fanny pack changed hands many times, even overseas! Fans often joked, "Why are they killing each other over a fanny pack?!" JT Davidson was the first to figure it out: INSIDE the fanny pack was a contract for a World title match!

Over the following year, Rockstar Pro conducted a unique experiment. We brought back a secondary singles championship but with a twist: we coupled it with the Tag-Team title as the Trios Championship. The Trios Captain could defend their title, the Tag Champs could defend theirs or they could defend as a Trio, winner take all. It made for some exciting match-ups but Clayton Gainz retired the Trios Captain title in September 2018.

After we relocated to Turnbuckles and re-branded the Rockstar Pro title as the Intergalactic Championship, it was time to re-introduce a second singles title. When the Rockstar Pro title was defended in Europe in 2016, we commissioned a new belt to represent the new Rockstar Pro WORLD Championship. The original Rockstar Pro Championship belt was retired. Last summer, in a nod to Rockstar's history, we brought back that original belt as the Amped Championship. In September, Lord Crewe was crowned the inaugural Amped Champion.

Lord Crewe's impressive reign was ended by Impact star Larry D. After successfully defending multiple times, Larry D relinquished the title for a shot at Rockstar Pro's top prize, the Intergalactic Championship. The Rev" Ron Hunt won the vacant Championship in the 2020 Gem City Rumble. "Whole Lotta Dude" Crash Jaxon won Armageddon Games to become the 4th Amped Champion. Crash successfully defended multiple times (including against former Intergalactic Champion Aero Boy Oficial!) and is still the current, reigning, Amped Champion.

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