History of the Intergalactic Championship

We promoted the first Rockstar Pro Wrestling event in 2009. Rockstar Pro began running our weekly “Amped” events, every Wednesday, in 2012. In 2013, we crowned the first Rockstar Pro Champion. In 2016, the Rockstar Pro Championship was defended in Europe, making it a legitimate World title. In 2017, Impact star Trey defended the Rockstar Pro World Championship in Mexico. The Rockstar Pro Championship has also been held by Impact stars Rhino, Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, Wentz and Nevaeh (that’s right: Nevaeh was the first woman to win a World title before Tessa did it in Impact).

When Rockstar Pro relocated to our current home at Turnbuckles in early 2019, the Rockstar Pro World title was vacant. When we booked the top contenders in a Fatal 4-way match to crown our new Champ, we decided to rebrand the title as the Intergalactic Championship. 2-time Rockstar Pro World Champ Jeremiah (of the Bad Dudes) won that match to become the inaugural Intergalactic Champion. The newly rechristened Championship would seem to be “cursed,” though, as no Champion was able to successfully defend the title. The Championship would be a proverbial “hot potato” as Jeremiah, Clayton Gainz, Larry D, Ron Mathis and Aaron Williams all won the title but were all unable to retain in their first defense.

Clayton Gainz managed to break the curse to become the first 2-time Intergalactic Champion and the first Intergalactic Champion to successfully defend the title. Gainz held the Intergalactic title for 5 months. Lucha libre star Aero Boy defended the Intergalactic Championship all over the U.S. & Mexico. Larry D defeated Aero Boy to become the second 2-time Intergalactic Champion. In March, Larry D’s 2-month reign was ended by Austin Manix. Manix successfully defended against former 2-time Champ Clayton Gainz before the COVID-19 pandemic brought live events to a halt. Manix is now the 4th longest-reigning Rockstar Pro Champion in history.

8 men have held the Intergalactic Championship. These men are the cream of the crop at Rockstar Pro. When live events resume, who will be next to challenge for Intergalactic supremacy?

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