Voice of Professional Wrestling (Tournament of Flight 6-3-17)

Hot off of night one of the inaugural Tournament of Flight, I bring you a recap of night two! I’m way too kind to you idiots. The first round of conflicts brought us some amazing action. Would the second night live up to this high standard? Read on to find out.

We kicked things off with the finals from Bracket A, as Space Monkey took on Zachary Wentz. Space Monkey was up to his usual shenanigans of eating bananas, throwing peels, and picking lice. Meanwhile, Wentz seemed to revel in his newfound popularity with the Rockstar Nation. Some people have very short memories. Anyway, this athletic contest went back-and-forth for a few minutes before Wentz hit Monkey with a Destroyer to advance into the Fatal Four-Way Final.

Next up were the Bracket D finals with Aero Boy facing Jeremiah. This one was a real slobberknocker! Jeremiah really laid into the luchador sensation with his patented brand of karate, but Aero Boy fought back with his quickness and high-flying ability. Aero Boy hit Jeremiah with a stunning Swanton Bomb to move forward into the final match of the Tournament of Flight.

Our third match was a Mosh Pit Scramble including Jaxon Vile, Damien Parker, Mentallo, Tyler Colton, and Dementia DeRose. Dementia relied on her ass-heavy offense to dominate her opponents and win the heart of my co-commentator Dave Crist. As is typical in Mosh Pit Scrambles, this one was all over the place. It was anyone’s game until the “Zombie Hunter” seized control. Mentallo nearly decapitated Parker with a Running Knee to earn the pinfall victory. Mentallo may not have faired all that well in the tournament, but at least he earned himself a victory in this match!

The Bracket B final followed, as Scorpio Sky went one-on-one with Nate Wings. Wings defied the odds and expectations by advancing into the second match of this bracket, but he had a real fight on his hands against Scorpio Sky. Wings deftly employed his ability to wriggle out of nearly any hold to keep Scorpio on his toes, but this battle of the California-born was not meant to be his. Sky decimated Wings with a Fatal Answer to move ahead into the finals.

The last match of the semifinal round saw Jake Crist meet AR Fox in the final matchup from Bracket C. This is one of those matches that simply must be seen to be believed. You just gotta subscribe to Rockstarpronetwork.com to witness it! Crist and Fox fought at a breakneck pace, pulling out all the stops. Reminiscent of his match against Myron Reed, Fox nailed Crist with Lo Mein Pain followed by a 450 Splash to achieve a hard-fought pinfall victory. With this result our finals were set. Zachary Wentz, Aero Boy, Scorpio Sky, and AR Fox would meet in a Fatal Four-Way to determine the winner of the inaugural Tournament of Flight.

The feud between Night Ryderz and Canadian Wrestling’s Elite continued in tag team action. Dustin Rayz and Aaron Williams teamed up against the pairing of Shane Saber and Danny Duggan. CWE is filled with true powerhouses, and they weren’t afraid to throw their weight around. Unfortunately, Rayz planted Saber into the canvas with a Catalyst for the win. The Canadians put up a great fight, but in the end Night Ryderz continue their stranglehold on all things violent in Rockstar Pro.

We had a bit of a dream matchup next. They may not have met in official tournament action, but Rockstar Pro management would not deny the Nation a chance to see Myron Reed take on Shane Strickland. Both men had amazing matches the previous night, but neither could secure a victory. Myron matched Shane in speed and agility, but Stickland had the aggression advantage. He was also persistent. Strickland locked in an arm submission and viciously and repeatedly thrust his heel against Reed’s skull. The referee called it, and Strickland stood tall. Myron may be a young sensation, but “The International King of Swerve” proved that the young man still has a long way to go before reaching the top.

Next up was the match we’d all been waiting for. It was a Fatal Four-Way elimination match to determine the first winner of Rockstar Pro’s Tournament of Flight. Aero Boy, Zachary Wentz, Scorpio Sky, and AR Fox all made it this far. If you enjoy Rockstar Pro for the high-flying, hard-hitting, extreme action, then this match is right up your alley! Aero Boy was eliminated first with a 450 Splash from Fox. Wentz took out Sky next with a... Baywood Bomb. This left AR Fox and Zachary Wentz in the ring. One of these two would be the winner of the very first Tournament of flight. In the end, Fox dumped Wentz right on his inflated head with a Fox Catcher to take the entire tournament!

Our history-making main event saw the “Gem City Queen” Nevaeh Crist defend her Rockstar Pro World Championship against “The Lost Girl” Samantha Heights. Heights put up one helluva fight, and she came in confident knowing she’d defeated Nevaeh in the past. It was, however, not to be Samantha’s night. Nevaeh dumped Heights on her head with a crushing Tombstone Piledriver to retain her title and cement her place in history as Rockstar Pro’s first and only female World Champion!

That wraps up my coverage of the inaugural Tournament of Flight, dinguses. Be sure to subscribe to Rockstarpronetwork.com, download the FITE TV app, and come see us in-person at 1106 E. 3rd St. in Dayton, OH for the best pro wrestling action around! Until next time, I remain your Rockstar Pro color commentator and the Voice of Professional Wrestling.

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